When out on a long walk, dogs love nothing more than sniffing around in dirt, excrement and other foul-smelling places. Our fox terrier Lou is a prime example. That’s why we often have to give her a thorough wash and shampoo when we get back home. We noticed that while Lou is sometimes content after she’s been washed, she’s more often restless and acting out of character. We wondered why this might be.

Canine behaviour

The dog's sense of smell

On the occasions when we didn’t wash her really thoroughly, leaving tiniest traces of excrement around her nose, she was significantly more relaxed. It meant our four-legged friend was able to “smell” and enjoy the memory of the walk for the rest of the afternoon. However, when we removed every last trace of dirt, Lou would be visibly restless and stressed not only while we were washing her but also afterwards. So were the odours that repel us actually having a calming effect on the dog? Knowing how acute a dog’s sense of smell is, we came up with the following idea:



What we needed was a combination of smells that would be perceived as pleasant not only to dog owners but also to the dogs themselves. Armed with our innovative idea, we contacted various fragrance experts and animal psychologists. The result was a scent formula that’s truly revolutionary in the world of pet care products: the ACEFIVE AntiStress Calming Scent Formula. Working under hygienic laboratory conditions, an international team of fragrance experts recreated the smell of faeces and dirt. They then combined these molecules with sweet-smelling fragrances in such a way that the foul-smelling components can only be detected by dogs, but not by humans. Lou was the first dog we tested it on. We observed her to be visibly more relaxed and content when we washed her with our ACEFIVE AntiStress Calming Scent Formula. We followed this up with a series of further tests on Lou’s peers – and it worked on them, too!



The great success of our Calming Scent formula encouraged us to use it as the basis for a collection of dog care products, all of which are manufactured in compliance with strictest standards for skin care products. ACEFIVE focuses on using natural, local and verifiably skin-friendly ingredients. All products are manufactured locally to keep supply chains as short and hence as sustainable as possible.